Welcome to the 63rd annual meeting of the European section of the International College of Dentists in Geneva 2018.

It is a great honor and a great pleasure for me to welcome you in Geneva next June.

I was born, I work and I teach in this beautiful city. You certainly have a somewhat bucolic image of Switzerland with cows, mountains and chocolate in the background. You will find none of this in Geneva which is a very active city (the 2nd largest in Switzerland by its number of inhabitants) located in the west of the country. The border of the canton is almost exclusively with France whose language we share, only 4.5 km connect us to the rest of the country.

The city has an undeniable international character as it is the home to many international organizations such as the European headquarters of the United Nations, the headquarters of the Red Cross and the headquarters of the World Health Organization, among others.

The population is very heterogeneous since over 40% of it is of foreign origin. This is due to the fact that Geneva has a long tradition of welcome, Jean Calvin, one of the fathers of the Reformation, Lenin, Jorge Luis Borges, the great Argentine writer are among the most famous figures having stayed in the city. There is a good chance that you hear your mother tongue in one of the trams that crisscross the city.

The Social events will allow you to discover many aspects of the typical activities of our region. During the Welcome reception you will enter the world of watchmaking, it will be possible to admire the high technology and miniaturization that characterize this activity, very similar to dentistry.

For our guests, several very different activities will be proposed, ranging from the prestigious museum visit such as the International Red Cross Museum (Red Cross, founded in 1863 by Henri-Dunant in Geneva), a visit of CERN, the largest center of particle physics of the world or visiting a chocolate factory and finally a trek on a mountain near the city for those of you that would enjoy a spectacular view of Geneva at 1200 m. altitude.

The evening meal will allow you to discover the products of the vineyards of Geneva, little known but of high quality. Finally, the Induction Ceremony will take place at the heart of the international organizations whose presence is an essential component of the identity of the City and participates in its influence.

The focus of this meeting is the scientific day whose theme “Mini invasive medicine and dentistry” will be developed by the best Swiss specialists in the field. It will be an opportunity to develop the concept and show you some practical applications.

We invite you to extend your stay in Switzerland with an unforgettable day in the Valais. It will be an opportunity to discover the hidden beauty of the Alps and the Rhône valley. I hope to welcome many of you in June in Geneva and send you my best regards.

Christian Robin
Président ICD section V