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A brief insight to The Smiles Foundation

Established to make a Smile – Developed to make an Impact!

In 1990, just months after the fall of Ceausescu in Romania, the Smiles Foundation’s founder, Kevin Hoy visited State orphanages in several major Romanian cities. Of the thousands of children seen, one common observation was noted with them all – a total lack of Smiles.

Kevin committed to make a difference by returning to Romania and establishing a charity that could channel support to those who need it most. Now, nearly 28 years later, an organisation with more than 100 full-time Romanian staff are serving the needs of the poor, elderly, sick and marginalised communities throughout Bihor County in NW Romania.

Through the wonderful facilities of one major project, the Tileagd Community Complex, we are able to offer Dental and Optometry services. We often have visiting doctors from Europe and America who can get to some of the more remote villages to provide medical care and examinations.

We have a fully functioning Dental Surgery in Tileagd which provides dental care to all the children in our School and Nursery and as funds permit, we can also offer care to others in the community.

The Dental Project Operating Budget has fixed costs of €700 per month plus the specific patient costs relating to the Dental services provided.

The Smiles Foundation may be a comparatively lesser known Charity on the International stage, but for the 1500+ people, among the poorest of North West Romania already benefiting from its daily work, Smiles is a ‘life-saver’.

Success is seen daily in its work through a variety of standards and assessments, both externally and within the Foundation. However, as a result of its work, many people are eating regularly, have a roof over their head, receive medical provision when sick, social assistance when in need. Perhaps most important; poor people through the Smiles Foundation in Romania have a friend they can rely on and that makes them Smile – that’s our Success.

Making Smiles in Romania through professional Dental Care.

A Registered Tax Exempt Charity in:

United Kingdom (1087961), United States of America (86-0957704) and Romania (14839712)

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